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We are Bolond & Suleymanov, a directing duo based in Milan.

We like to call ourselves just KART,

and we make commercials and music videos.

We've come from a guerrilla and DIY approach, which is why, in our early filmmaking days, some of our most trustworthy allies were carts.


In the past we had to take care of basically everything: from the first drafts

to the production and direction,
till the last post-production steps.


Through these experiences we gained great  problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of multiple genres and moods, for different production situations.

Nowadays we dedicate ourselves
to directing only.


We’ve always been passionate about movies of every genre
(from the A of Aparajito to the Z of Zardoz),
film history, pop-culture,

as well as any other video field,

focusing on the evolution of narrative techniques in different arts over time.

We love to experiment,
creating images we haven’t done before,
always with a keen eye for
uncommon visual approaches.

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